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Activity 0.2: Logging into Vula and testing the connection

This should be very easy but let's check nowwink

Purpose: To establish that you can access our server
Task: Log onto the Vula server

The course website is available to you as soon as you receive your welcome email. Log on to the course site as soon as you can to complete the Week 0 activities. To do this you will need to come to Vula which is the online learning and collaboration environment at University of Cape Town. Use your username and password to login to Vula. If you have a guest login then your username will be the e-mail address that is used in correspondence about the course and a password will be sent to you from the Vula server.

Tools: Browser, Vula home page
When: Week 0, Monday or Tuesday


If you're stuck you may also want to consult the following short help video about using a Guest Account with Vula:

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