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Tony Carr

I work as an  educational technologist in the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching and convene the e/merge Africa project. I have lived in Durban, London and Cape Town and after an earlier career as a Business and Economics educator a fascination with online interaction led to my work since 2000 as an educational technologist. My current operational and research interests include online collaboration, communities of practice in staff development, online facilitation and online professional networks including the e/merge Africa network which is mainly for educational technology practitioners and researchers in African higher education institutions. Find me on  Twitter @tony_emerge



Nicola Pallitt 

I work as a Lecturer in CHERTL at Rhodes University. I am a member of the e/merge Africa team and enjoy meeting EdTech practitioners and researchers from across the globe. I am passionate about online facilitation, social media and educational technology in general. Follow me on Twitter @nicolapallitt






Irene Maweu

I am a consultant in blended learning with a many years experience in human capacity development especially in eLearning.  I have been involved in content development of various courses including health and strategic management. I am a member of International Association of Facilitators, eLearning in Development implementation (ELDI) , Guidelines International Network (GIN) and  e/merge Africa team among others. I love meeting and connecting with people from all walks of life and have a great passion in facilitation, both face to face and online.  I am on Twitter @wavinya66



Catherine Fortune

I am a Senior Content Architect, working at UCT in Systems Division of the IT Department. Prior to this, I taught in a school for 11 years and then freelanced as an e-learning curriculum developer for almost 15 years. I am a great fan of online learning and all the wonderful potential that it holds in the realm of networking and learning. I am also a trained musician and play the piano, flute, vibraphone, various percussion instruments and was a timpanist in the orchestra. Other of my diverse and eclectic interests include photography and spoon collecting! I enjoy making new connections and networking with others…..I also have a bit of a crazy sense of humoursmiley You can find me on Twitter @cathfortune

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