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Week 0 : Preparing to arrive

The course starts before Week One to ensure that you are well prepared. In Week Zero we send you the information that we think you need in order to make a good start. If there are technical challenges you can find out what they are now. Then you should try to resolve these. The communication this week may also help you to consider how the time needed for the course will fit in with all the other parts of your life.

1. Read the Arrival Document which was emailed to you. This will familiarize you with the course programme and technical guidelines. By the end of  Week One we expect that you will have logged on to the course site, shown your presence in the chat, completed the "Getting to Know Each Other" survey, shared the times that you are available for a weekly live online meeting, and started your private learning journal.

2. If you have any questions please contact the course leader at:

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