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Week 2: Conversing

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Week 2 : Conversing

We arrived in this course as individuals. In Week 2, we learn a bit more about each other and consider what we need to work well together as a group. Is there a shared purpose for our participation in this course? What agreements do we need to make about how we work together?  

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Make contact with others in the group and talk about this experience.
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What happens when you move from our individual learning objectives to considering a group purpose?
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How should we work together to achieve our purpose(s) as a group?
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Here you take on the role of online facilitator and respond to a message from a student.
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As an online facilitator in training, you need to facilitate an activity in this course starting in Week 3, Week 4 or Consolidation Week 2. This could be one of the course activity forums or even a discussion you initiate in the Open Space forum or the Lounge forum.
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