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Activity 5.4 Sharing plans and discussing the way forward (Wed-Fri)

Our plans are for ourselves, but we can benefit from comments and questions that challenge our assumptions and help us to fill in the missing pieces. In this way, we can help each other to finish the course with effective plans for the next few steps in our growth as online facilitators.

Purpose: Improving personal development plans


  1. Post your improved plan in the ‘Sharing our personal development plans’ topic of the Week 5 forum to invite broader comment.
  2. Read the personal development plans of your fellow participants in preparation for the forum discussion.
  3. Join the forum discussion, which will be facilitated by a course participant from Wednesday to Friday with the support of the course leader in a coaching role. Respond to the draft plans of your fellow course participants with encouragement, by asking enabling questions and sometimes with suggestions.

Tools: Discussion forum

When: Week 5, Wednesday – Friday

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