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Activity 4.3 Managing conflict (Thurs)

We cannot call in the United Nations to resolve conflicts in our online learning events. Let us see what we can do to transform conflict to strengthen the community.

Purpose: Discussing ways of managing conflict in online learning events

Task: Read the article about non-violent communication (NVC) as a model for dealing with conflict. Then join the live meeting on Friday at 13:00 (SA time) to discuss the NVC model of conflict transformation and how it can be applied in online interactions such as the online conflict mini-case:

After a meeting lasting most of the morning, you return to the discussion forum. In the rough and tumble of a lively debate, one participant has posted a message that offends many of your deeply held religious beliefs. You also think that the message is likely to cause deep offence to many other participants. How do you respond?

Now join the 4.3 Managing Conflict Forum Discussion where we shall continue to discuss the non-violent communication (NVC) as a model for dealing with conflict. Please post your thoughts and reply thoughtfully to contributions from other course participants.

Tools: Live Online Meeting and Discussion Forum

When: Week 4, Friday at 13:00 SA time.


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