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Activity 4.1 Deepening connections (Mon-Tue)

Most online learning communities and courses still rely heavily on asynchronous text communication. Because we do not see or hear each other, it is easy to start feeling isolated. If we want to achieve anything together, we will need effective strategies that deepen connection and trust. One of the key abilities of a facilitator is to develop strategies for nurturing trust and building a safe environment in which participants feel confident to communicate.

Purpose: Learning strategies for building trust online

Task: Imagine that you are a course leader. You have sent an email to a few participants who have been very quiet for several days. One participant responds by saying:

Last week I participated in the discussion on the different online technologies, but I received almost no responses to the contributions I made. It felt like the other participants and the facilitator were talking over me and only with each other. I know I possibly know the least about the topic, but I really hate feeling excluded and am wondering if I want to continue with the course.

Now join the 'Deepening connections' topic in the Week Four discussion forum to discuss your reply to this email and how you would solve the problem. Are there wider implications for how we can sustain and deepen connection and trust within our learning community?

Please post your answer then reply to messages from others in the course.

Tools: Discussion forum

When: Week 4, Monday – Tuesday


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