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Week 3 Reflections (Fri - Next week Mon)

Purpose: To reflect on our learning in Week 3

Task 1: Review the entries in your private journal. When you are ready, spend a few minutes capturing your thoughts in a blog post in your Learning Journal.

Task 2: Then take part in the closing conversation for the week by sharing a few of your closing reflections in the Week 3 Reflections forum topic. Share some of your reflections of what you have learnt this week. In particular, reflect on your experiences of two different facilitation styles or strategies. What are the implications for the facilitation of online courses? You may also want to tell us what you have liked so far this week and how the facilitators can improve the course. Respond to reflections by one or more of the participants by Monday of Week 4. Try to engage thoughtfully with perceptions that may be different from yours.

Tools: Discussion forum

When: Week 3, Friday – Week 4, Monday


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