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Activity 3.3 Preparing weaves (Wed-Thu)

Summaries take us only so far. Sometimes, at the meeting point of messages with shared or opposing themes there is a glimmer of gold. Sometimes, these new or surprising insights can help to re-ignite a dying discussion.

Purpose: Practicing weaving discussions


  1. Read the advice from Gilly Salmon on How to weave. For even more detailed guidance try the step-by-step guide by Anouk Janssens-Bevernag. Then you may want to consult an example of a weave that appears at the beginning of the ‘ Let's weave!’ topic in the Week Three ' Preparing Weaves' forum.
  2. Start by preparing a micro-weave of elements from three discussion postings. Use this to lead into a question that may open a further stage of conversation. Then try for a complex weave of a whole discussion topic. Post your weaves to the ‘ Let's weave!’ topic in the Week Three ' Preparing Weaves' forum.
  3. Then join the ‘ Reflections on weaving’ topic to share your reflections about your experience of preparing a weave and the different styles of weaving that you observe across the group in the forum.

Tools: Discussion forum

When: Week 3, Wednesday – Thursday


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