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Activity 3.2 Preparing summaries (Tue-Wed)

Online discussions seldom follow a simple path. There are disagreements, differences of perspective and often there are multiple branches. As the number of messages increases, it may become difficult for participants and the online facilitator to keep a big-picture view of where the discussion is going.

Purpose: Practicing summarising of discussions


  1. Read the article on Creating Effective Summaries.
  2. Choose a topic from any of the discussions in Weeks 1 and 2 or in the Lounge. You may perhaps want to have a go at one of the live meetings or the Google Doc for Activity 2.3. Then prepare a summary of the topic. (It is fine if we end up with several summaries of some topics, because this makes it easier to consider the different ways that we summarise discussions.) Please post your summary to the Week Three ' Keeping Track' topic in the Week Three  Preparing Summaries forum, where you will see an example of a summary.
  3. Then share your reflections about your experience of preparing a summary and the different styles of summaries that you observe across the group in the ' Reflections on summarising' topic.

Tools: Discussion forum

When: Week 3 Tuesday – Wednesday

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