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Activity 3.1 Exploring facilitation (Mon-Wed)

Most of our facilitation skills were learnt in face-to-face settings. Here we consider what is involved in taking these existing face-to-face facilitation skills into an online environment.

Purpose: Comparing face-to-face facilitation to online facilitation

Task 1: Consider the following questions:

  • How are online learning interactions similar to and different from those in face-to-face contexts?
  • Which are the three most important face-to-face facilitation and teaching skills for online facilitation and teaching?


Task 2:  Come and join our wiki by clicking on this link.

Please Note:

  • If you don't already have a Wikispaces account you will need to create one.
  • Please create a username using your own name or one that your course colleagues will recognise as belonging to you.
  • Once you have an account, you will able to join our course wiki.
  • The join code for our course wiki is  D3D7M9Q


Then  contribute to the wiki page for your assigned group where we compare online learning interactions with face-to-face interactions and highlight face-to-face facilitation and teaching skills that are useful in online facilitation and teaching. Each group will need to find a way to work together in the wiki. This is unlikely to happen unless someone takes the lead very early in the process and starts to enter some of their ideas. This will work best if your group starts by choosing one member as your facilitator. Consider having a meeting in skype or a Google Hangout to enhance collaboration.


Direct links to the wiki page for each group:

  • Group 1: Fiona, Matthew, Matjotjela, Benjamin, Agnes, Jabulani, Ian

  • Group 2: Nanette, Lungile, Fatima, Thaddaeus, Deogratias, Sunet, Hannah

  • Group 3: Danielle, Marieta, Epiphane, Mathias, Nwamaka, Phumza

  • Group 4: Elne, Ursula, Marian, Gabriel, Toluwase, Rhoda, Angela

  • Group 5: Agatha, Carina, Sarah, John, Salim, Olufemi, Tanya


Please email us at if we left you out by accident or if you have any questions.

Remember: You will need to register on WikiSpaces and then use the join code D3D7M9Q (valid until 21 July, whereafter there will be a new join code)

If you are unsure about how to use our wiki, download and watch our Screen Movie on basic use of the wiki.

If you want to learn more about wikis in higher education then check out this resource from Vanderbilt University.

Tools: Wiki

When: Week 3, Monday – Wednesday



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