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Activity 2.1 Similarity Safari (Mon-Tues)

Participating in this fun activity will give you an opportunity to get to know others on the course and to start building a community. Begin by getting to know a few people with whom you have something in common.

Purpose: Using personal communication to build a learning community


  1. Check the 'Getting to know each other' survey results below.
  2. Go on a Similarity Safari and identify how much these parts of the survey show about what you have in common with your fellow participants.
  3. Engage with one or two participants with whom you feel you have a lot in common. Start by using the Messages tool (on the menu on the left). When composing a message, remember to select the option to 'Send a copy of this message to recipients' email address(es)'. Take care to check regularly for reply messages from other participants and to respond to these. Try to get to know the person a bit better using any form of online communication. (Example: e-mail, Google Hangout, Skype, Facebook chat.)
  4. Then join the 'Similarity Safari' topic in the Week Two forum where we can talk about this experience of making contact with individuals within the group. Were you able to identify participants with whom you have something in common? How was the communication similar to, or different from, getting to know people in a face-to-face workshop?

Note that you will need to respond in the conversation which arises from the initial message. Later on let's talk about whether this is a good way to structure the conversation. 

Tools: Discussion forums.

When: Week 2, Monday – Tuesday

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