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Activity 1.1 Introducing ourselves (Mon-Tue)

Here we are, in the course website. Now it is time to take the step of making ourselves visible to each other. Who knows what could happen next?

Purpose: Practicing reading and writing messages

Task: Come to the 'Introducing Ourselves' topic in the ‘Week 1 Arriving’ forum.

Say ‘hello’ to us by replying with a message. Please introduce yourself by telling us what is happening right now around you in your physical location. What can you hear and see as you prepare this message? Include something about your experience of getting to the site. Next, look out for and read the responses from the other participants. Respond to one or more participants whose messages you found interesting. Just hit the ‘Post Reply’ button to open the message form. If you want to respond to a particular message, then refer to the message in yours.

Tools: Discussion forum

When: Week 1, Monday – Tuesday



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