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Week 1: Arriving

Lets get started! This is a week for exploring what its like for a participant joining an online course. You'll get to explore the course website and to learn about the course participants and your own goals. 

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Facilitating Online Week 1- Arriving.mp4
You've arrived so now it's time to let everyone else know you are here by posting a message and replying to messages from other participants.
Update your profile information to say a bit more about what you do and how you can be contacted.
Take a look around the site and see if you can find a resource. Then there's an opportunity for reflection on the course model.
What have you learnt about the technology that we're using? What do you want to know?
Does something different happen when we meet in an online chat? What do you think?
What have you learnt this week about online facilitation and what are your reflections about the course?

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