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Activity 2.3 How to work together (Wed - Fri)

It is not enough to simply have a shared purpose (although sometimes it may be a huge achievement to discover that there even is one). We also need to think about how we work together to achieve this purpose.

Purpose: Developing ways of working together as a group

Task: 1) Join our shared Google Doc for this activity to develop a document about our group wants to learn and work together. Everyone here will be able to edit the page and to comment on different parts of the emerging document. Consider the appropriate guidelines for how we should treat each other in this course, including both the shared conversations and private conversations (informed, but not limited to, key values, rules and principles). You may want to consider the principles underlying this course - see Appendix 5: Course Principles. Edit the Google Doc a few times and visit regularly to see how our 'Agreements' document evolves.

2) Then join our Live Meeting ( at 11:00 am on Thursday  (SA time). We will use the content of the Google Doc to lead us into a rich conversation. Then, after the meeting is over, we can return to the Google Doc for another go at editing it. You will be able to refer to it as a living document guiding our interaction and to post further comments throughout the course.

Tools: Google Doc and Live Meeting Room

When: Week 2, Wednesday - Friday


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