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Activity 0.6: Availability for Live Online Meetings

These meetings bring spark to the course

Purpose: To make it easier to schedule our live meetings
Task: Let us know when is good for you

Live online communication, or synchronous interaction, can play a key role in sparking engagement and in creating and sustaining a sense of a living learning community. The value that you derive from this course will be much enhanced if we have a live online meeting each week with course activities including opportunities for class members to develop facilitation skills in synchronous settings. Please share the times on Thursdays and Fridays that you are (or can be) available for a weekly online meeting in the  "When is Good" page including times that are not absolutely ideal for you. The dates shown are for Week 1 but please consider your arrangements across a typical week. Remember to set the time zone for your location

Tools: Online scheduling site
When: Week 0, by Friday

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