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Activity 0.4: Accessing the course site

Come and join the nerve centre of the course

Purpose: To access the site for the first time
Task: Access our course web site

When you have logged in to Vula, you will need to click on the tab at the top of the page for the “FacilitatingOnline” course site. When you have done this, read the opening announcement and explore the structure of the site by clicking on a few of the menu items in the left hand margin of your screen to get a sense of the navigation and the content. Then come into the Week 0 chat room and leave a message to show that you were there and that you can access chat. If you experience problems logging on to Vula or joining the course site, please contact the course leader by e-mail on

Tools: Vula Home Page, FacilitatingOnline course site, Week 0 chat room
When: Week 0, Tuesday - Wednesday

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