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Activity 5.2 Further adventures into the world-wide web (Mon - Tues)

Let us continue our journey into the World Wide Web. This time, we use our learning journals to share experiences and reflections about our adventures beyond the course website.

Purpose: Searching for, accessing and evaluating online resources


  1. Find resources that you can use in your own course or learning community as an online facilitator. One good place to start might be a general web search or a search for useful specialist blogs from either the Blog Search Engine ( or Twingly (
  2. Share your experiences and/or recommended resources as a blog post in your learning journal.
  3. Add some of your resources to our 'collaborative resource bank (Toolbox)' where we are harvesting new resources shared by past, present and future Facilitating Online participants.

Tools: World Wide Web, web search, learning journal, library

When: Week 5, Monday - Tuesday

Points of Control: Map by Web 2.0 Summit

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