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Activity 4.4 Creating an online activity (Wed-Fri)

It is time to consider what we can take back home from the course. This is an opportunity to design and get feedback on an online learning activity for your context.

Purpose: Designing or adapting an activity for use in your own context

Task: Design an activity for use in your own context.

  1. You may use the activity design template as a guide to design your online activity. If you have experience or feel confident, you are welcome to design an online activity from scratch. You also have the choice of adapting an existing activity.
  2. Share your activity in the ' Creating an online activity' forum topic and look at the activities designed by other participants. You can also ask your course leader for feedback by email before posting your activity to the forum. Give feedback on the online activities of a few participants. Try to start your feedback with words of acknowledgment and encouragement as well as providing enabling questions and maybe one or two suggestions.

Tools: Discussion forum

When: Week 4, Wednesday – Friday

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