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Welcome to Vula Course Template

  • Instructor speaking

    Welcome to the Vula 2021 course template site! Replace this text and photo to create a casual personal message you would like to communicate to your students. It should be no more than a short paragraph or two. An image size of 70px x 70px would fit best with this template.

Yes! I'd love to use this template. To get started,

This page is your dashboard where you will find links to the latest announcements, the calendar with important dates and information, and the latest chat and forum feed.

[include a short summary describing your course]

Before you get started, please read the Course Outline [add a link to your course outline] in the left-hand navigation for information on how the course works.

For course queries:

[Provide information about how students can make general queries and a protocol for responding.  Choose one or two channels and make sure you monitor them. Here are some examples you can choose from: 

  • Use the General course queries forums  and
  • Look in the Q&A tool for frequently asked questions, and to pose your own questions anonymously. 
  • Use the Vula chat room 
  • Contact your tutor - [provide information on how] 
  • My virtual office hours are on [day] [time] on [platform]. 

Please note that someone from the course team will respond to you within X days. If you do not receive a response, please follow-up with [email].

If you have any urgent technical queries relating to Vula, contact:

  •, or
  • 021-650-5500 weekdays 9:00 - 17:00.

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