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Session 3

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Session 3: new title


  • Instructor speaking

    Hi, ! Welcome to the session on Practice Theorists blah blah


  Learning Outcomes

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  1. Construct learning outcomes using Bloom's Taxonomy.
  2. Explain why each learning outcome must be measurable.
  3. Revise this list as the course content changes.
  4. State the contact information for E-Learning to get help with learning outcomes.


Enter Section Title

 Assignment Title

Due: Thursday, 5 March, 5pm
Estimated time: 2.5 hours
Marks: 100


Replace this with appropriate assignment instructions.

  • Detail all expectations including content and format. 
  • Your goal should be to write instructions so clearly that students do not need to ask you questions. 
  • You may want to provide a direct link to the Assessment immediately below this block.

Enter Section Title

Add core materials that will be used for this lesson. This could include screencasts, journal articles, notes, powerpoint presentations, narrated powerpoints, links to websites, images, podcasts and related. For each core material item added, include:

  1. The time duration it would take
  2. Multiple formats - as some students may require a text file due to audio or bandwidth challenges
  3. Descriptive or instructional text on how this item relates to the lesson or how students need to engage with it 
  4. Attribution the source or reference to core material items that are not created by yourself.



To gain a better understanding of how X is used in a South African context and the challenges it may present, listen to the podcast [7 mins] where Professor Xolisa Zombe shares her key research findings.

Transcript file: X_podcast_Xolisa_Zombe.pdf



After listening to the podcast, share your experience with X in the discussion forum. This will be marked by your tutor. 


  • Instructor speaking

    Hi, ! Replace this text and image to create a casual personal message you would like to communicate to your students. It should be no more than a short paragraph or two. An image size of 70px x 70px would fit best with this template.

  Key Information

Please take note of the following key information below for this module.

Module dates [Insert dates]
Estimated time to complete [Indicate estimated time to complete]
Core reading materials [Indicate core reading]
Assignment [Specify title of assignment]

Module Checklist

This is your to-do list for the week. Tick off the items as you complete them. At the end of the week, you will hopefully have all the items checked off your list. If not, the unchecked boxes will serve as a reminder to go and do them.

  Key Activities

For this module, complete the following activities:

  • [Watch the video on topic X]
  • [Read through the articles] 
  • [Post in the Module X forum]
  • [Complete the MCQ quiz]
  • [Write a short reflective blog post]

Enter Section Title

Detail where and how students can access help regarding questions, queries or challenges they may encounter with core content materials. This could entail:

  1. noting the lecturer or tutor’s email address and contact hours;
  2. asking them to post their concern in the Q&A Too or forum tool, or
  3. to list contacts from the library, writing centre and disability unit. 

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