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Primary ear & hearing care

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A. Taking a history of ear and hearing problems

B. Examination of the ear

C. Washout of the ear

D. Dry mopping

E. Treating with ear drops

F. Assessing facial nerve function

G. The distraction test of hearing

H. Checking hearing under 3-7 year old

I. hearWHOpro app to check hearing

J. The whispered voice test of hearing

Practical A: Taking a history of ear and hearing problems


Practical B: Examination of the ear


Practical C: Washout of the ear


Practical D: Dry mopping


Practical E: Treating with ear drops


Practical F: Assessing facial nerve function


Practical G: The distraction test of hearing


Practical H


Practical I: hearWHOpro app to check hearing


Practical J: The whispered voice test of hearing

 Even in cases where people pass the whispered voice test or score above 50 in hearWHOpro app testing, any one who complains of:

  • difficulty in hearing in noisy or quiet places;
  • regularly experiences tinnitus; or
  • has a history of ear disease e.g. ear discharge

Should be referred for an audiometry test (see below).


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