What is Vula?

Vula is UCT's online collaboration and learning environment, used to support UCT courses as well as other UCT-related groups and communities.

For a quick guide, see  Getting started in Vula  PDF version. Need further help? Contact help@vula.uct.ac.za or call 021 650 5500.



 Vula and Turntin


 Guide to IT services at UCT

  • Your myUCT email account
  • Getting connected to the UCT wireless and internet

Need to assess or improve your digital literacy? Take the UCT digital literacy self assessment or learn from Lynda.com


 A First Year Experience (FYE) guide to UCT campus and services

Another great FYE guide for making the most of lectures - this is not produced by UCT, so please ignore the lecture recording section


 Learn more using your course lecture recordings

Want to make the most of lecture recordings? The following videos are courtesy of the University of York:

  • Making the most of your lectures
  • How lecture captures can support your studying


 Teaching and learning support


  Classroom facilities



Guest users log into Vula from an external (non-UCT) email address.