Profile: Overview

What it does

The profile tool allows you to edit your personal profile information, upload a profile photo and search for other Vula users' profiles.

Editing your profile

  1. Click on Profile in the left menu
  2. Click Edit my profile
  3. Fill in the form and choose your privacy control settings
  4. Click Save

Changing your profile photo

  1. Click on Profile in the left menu
  2. Click Change my picture
  3. You may switch back to a previous profile picture by clicking on the image, OR
  4. Use the Browse button to find and upload a new photo
  5. Click Upload

Searching for Vula users

The search box allows you to find profile information for other Vula users.

  1. Type in the person's name and click Search.
  2. Any potential matches will be listed on the results page.
  3. Click an a person's name to view profile information that they have chosen to make public.
  4. Click the 'x' in the top right hand corner to close the profile view.